Pop-it Light Game, the New Quick Push Fidget Game


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Reinventing the Pop-it Light Game, The new TikTok trending Fidget game. The Perfect Interactive Solution for Stress and Focus Management.


Introducing the Pop-it Light Fidget Toy – a must-have for both kids and adults! Designed for children above 3 years, this toy provides endless entertainment and is the #1 fidget solution to manage low attention spans.


The Pop-it Light Fidget Toy is especially beneficial for kids who struggle with maintaining focus 🧠 during schoolwork or playtime. It’s also a great stress reliever, providing a satisfying tactile experience that helps release tension and reduce anxiety 😌.

This toy is an excellent alternative to phones and tablets 📱, offering an interactive and engaging experience that helps reduce screen time. Children will love its addictive nature and hands-on gameplay.


In addition to its stress-relieving and focus-improving benefits, the Pop-it Light Fidget Toy also features four game modes that exercise thinking and promote brain development. Choose from Scoring mode, Memory mode, Checkpoint mode, or Multiplayer mode to challenge your child’s mind.

And don’t worry, parents – the Pop-it Light Fidget Toy is safe for kids above 3 years old. So why wait? Order your child’s new favorite toy today!

Breakthrough mode

This mode consists of 30 major levels, with 5 sub-levels for each one. It allows you to understand the game mechanics and practice at your own pace.

Memory mode

This mode has a total of 9 major levels, with 5 sub-levels for each one. At the start of the game, press the back button to begin the game in the order of the lights turning on. The game ends without a score if the player fails. They can then return to the start state and wait for the game to restart.


Scoring mode

In this mode, the player has 60 seconds to turn off as many lights as possible, with a maximum score of 100 points. This mode can help improve the player’s limb flexibility and reaction time.

Multiplayer mode

In this mode, each player completes one level before passing the game to the next player. The number of checkpoints and lights increase with each level. If the lights are not turned off within the given time limit and the back button is pressed, the game fails and returns to the start state, waiting for the next player to start.


Note: The product has a silent 🔕 mode that can be selected too! 

In conclusion

The pop-it light game is an excellent choice for parents who wish to enhance their child’s cognitive abilities and responsiveness through an entertaining and interactive method. Its inventive structure, diverse modes, and vibrant silicone bubbles make it an exciting and educational activity that will keep your child engaged for hours. Order your copy now and give your child the opportunity to learn while having fun with the actual games!


Product specifications:

  • Material: High quality ABS plastic+ Silicone + electronics.
  • Power: 3 x 1.5 AA (batteries not included).
  • Dimension: 10cm (4in) x 13cm (5.1in) x 5.8cm (2.3in).

Package inludes:

  • 1Pc x Pop-it light game (batteries not included).
  • 1Pc x user english manual.





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