Best 70x400mm Telescope for Kids and Beginners, The Starter Refracting Telescope with Tripod


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The Best Telescope For Kids, Beginners, and Amateur, when it comes to Telescopes, Bigger is Better, so with a 70mm lens and 400mm focal length, this is the Perfect Starter Telescope.



The 70x400mm Astronomical Telescope for Kids and Beginners is equipped with a large 70mm refracting lens, which lets the device collect a high quantity of light and produce a high definition of stellar objects.

This kind of telescope is known as a refracting telescope, it has a wide field of vision, it comes with an adjustable tripod which lets it stays steady when you turn it to get the best view of the sky’s nightly show.

The included moon filter allows you to observe the moon up close and in all her glory without straining your eyes.


This awesome telescope for beginners comes with a phone holder which lets you watch the celestial objects using your phone camera, and lets you do a numerical zoom to increase the capability of the telescope, then you can save compare, and share your awesome discoveries.

This is a perfect telescope for beginners and amateurs and a special gift for children, it comes with a star map that helps identify and follow planets, stars, and constellations.



  • 【Adjustable Tripod】: The tripod adjusts from 15 to 51 inches in height. The telescope and the tripod easily pivot due to the caster wheel.


  • 【Phone Adapter】: Snap pictures and zoom on the night sky. Share with friends and family and document your discoveries!


  • 【Ultra Far & Enhanced Focus】: The 400mm focal length gives this refracting telescope enhanced magnification and stability. The multi-coated lens gives budding astronomers sharp, vivid views.

  • 【Protects Eyes】: Our refracting telescope has a multi-coated lens to give you crystal clear images of faraway objects and protect your eyes. The metal moon filter counteracts the lens’ light focusing effect and allows you to safely gaze directly at the moon.

  • 【Easy to Assemble】: With a setup taking just a few minutes, this model is truly the best telescope for beginners. The stable tripod design and rotating wheel make this a great telescope for kids.

  • 【Perfect for Beginners】: Why is this the telescope for kids and those just starting out? Because we’ve made it easy to find objects in the night sky with the 5 x 24 finderscope, diagonal grid, and included star map.

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