Wet Film Thickness gauge 25-3000µm, The Best Wet Paint Thickness Gauge


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This is the Wet Film Thickness gauge, it is used to measuring Wet Paint Thickness, Measurement range is 25-3000µm

Main Feature

  • Stainless Steel Wet Film Comb Hexagonal Gauge 25-3000um 
  • These hexagonal precision-formed stainless steel wet film combs are long-lasting and reusable and are supplied in a range of thicknesses measuring up to 3000 µm (120 mils). 
  • These six-sided combs vary in size, giving up to 36 measurement steps, providing high precision and accuracy.


How to use

  • Using a wet film comb Place a comb perpendicular to and touching the substrate. Hold the comb in position and wait a few seconds until the teeth are wet.
  • Remove the comb from the film.
  • The wet film thickness lies between the biggest value ‘coated’ or ‘wet’ teeth and the smallest value ‘uncoated’ or ‘dry’ tooth.
  • After use, the instrument should be wiped clean and placed in a dry place. 

Usage Example



  • Name: Stainless steel hexagonal wet film comb 
  • Measuring range: 25-3000µm 
  • Size: 37*65*0.83mm 
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Scale process: laser scale 
  • Weight: 31g
  • Packing: leather sleeve